Photos with some of the awesome, hardworking cosplayers. Everybody in the competition was fantastic, and so were many who did not compete!

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woods,dark & deep by mefistophillis on Flickr.



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Who remembers this!?

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Hey Bats

Despite having a slightly broader knowledge of comics now than my 8 year old self, that crazy guy in a bat suit is still my favorite.

Didn’t think I would enjoy playing Arkham Asylum but so far so good. 

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Watching Log Horizon and it’s really starting to hit me the hilarity it would be if my friends and I were stuck as our FFXIV characters. At least 3 of us girls would be stuck in male bodies lol.

Though being able to be actually walk around Gridania or the Floating City of Nym would be amaaaaazing.

I never really cared when I was playing what people thought of me too much but I think would be interesting to see objectively how good of a healer I really was.

In my time working for the state government, my job sent me to 46 cities in 11 years. I lived in villages with eight people, rural farming communities, college towns. I was sent to every corner of Indiana. And then I came here. And I realized that, this whole time, I was just wandering around, everywhere, just looking for you.

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